Friday, 3 April 2015

The Lost Son

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Once upon a time, there lived a rich man who had two sons; joe and jim. He loved his sons very much. Joe was obedient and polite. Jim was rude and greedy. When they grew up, Joe helped his father in his work. Jim lazed around all day doing nothing.

One day Jim came to his father and said, "Father, I want to go away, please give me my share of wealth". The father was very sad but he loved his son. So he could not refuse. He gave his son his share of wealth and wished him well.

Jim went away to a nearby town. He made many friends who loved him because of his money. Soon all his money was spent. His friends left him as he was no longer rich.

Jim took a job in farm. He took care of the cows and pigs. He ate whatever the farmer gave him. Soon a famine broke out and the animals on the farm died. The farmers told Jim to leave.

Jim was very lonely and sad. He became thin as he had nothing to eat. His clothes were all torn. He decided to return home and ask for his father's forgiveness.

His father saw him coming across the field. Immediately, his father ran towards him and hugged him. "My lost son has been found", he said. He asked the servants to bring food and clothes for him. He thanked God for bringing back his son.

Jim asked his father and brother to forgive him. He helped his father and joe in their work. They all lived happily again.
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