Saturday, 21 March 2015

Blackie Got A Bone

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One day,Blackie,the dog got a bone.He was very happy.He wanted to hide his bone on the other side of a stream.There was only a wooden bridge across the stream.Blackie took the bone in his mouth and walked over the bridge.

   Blackie looked down from the middle of the bridge.He saw a dog exactly like him in the water.It also had a bone in his mouth.Blackie looked at the dog in the water and the dog looked back.Blackie growled and the dog in the water too growled.Blackie got angry.He barked aloud.The bone fell down when he opened his mouth."Blum", it fell into the water making waves.The dog in the water disappeared in the waves.Blackie went to the other side."What a foolish dog I am ! " he said to himself.
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