Friday, 3 April 2015

The Foolish Cats

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There were two cats in a house: Ding and Dong. They were friends. They liked each other. They went hunting mice at night.

One night Dong got a whole burger. Ding said, "We shall share it. We shall cut it into two and take a piece each".

"Oh, no!" Said Dong, stll holding the burger between his teeth. Ding jumped at the burger and got it. "I will eat it by myself, " he said.

Then they quarelled. They started running around with the burger. They were shouting and hitting each other.

There was a monkey called Lanky sitting on a tree. He was cunning. He came down from the tree and said, "Hey Ding and Dong, I will cut it into two for you". Ding said, "Ok, Lanky dear. Cut it for us. Cut it into two equal parts". "Let me try", said Lanky. And he broke the burger into two piece. He took a bite from one piece. Then , one piece was big and other was small.

"I will make it equal," saif Lanky. And he ate some part of the larger piece.

The cat jumped at the burger. Lanky jumped on the tree with the burger. "Now, I will make them equal," said Lanky. And he ate some from the other piece. Then it became small. Then Lanky ate the larger piece. Ding and Dong sat with their heads down. Lanky ate the whole burger and said, "see my dear Ding and Dong, you should never quarrel".
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