Thursday, 2 April 2015

Unity Is Strength

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Once upon a time there lived a farmer and his wife in a village in a country side. They had a big farm and a large field.

They had many animals in the farm. They had cows,goats,pigs and hens. In the field they grew paddy and wheat crops. They even had orchards where they grew fruits like mangoes,apples and guavas.

A flock of birds lived on the trees close to the farmers's field. The birds came to the farmer's field and pecked at the corns and the grains. Tey ate until they were full. They even took away grains to feed their chicks.

The farmer and his wife were not happy about this. They tried to shoo away the birds but the birds came back every day. The farmer's wife had a plan. She told the farmer, "Spread a net in the paddy field, we can catch the bird in it".

The next morning, the farmer laid a net in the paddy field to catch the birds. He then went to work on his farm. The birds came to eat the grains as usual. They did not notice the net. Soon many birds were caught in the net. They started chirping for help, "We are stuck, please save us."

They tried to free their friends but could not. Among them there was a wise old bird. She said, "Fly away with the net." The birds tried but failed. "Quick!" the wise bird said, " The farmer is coming."

The birds tried again. they all tried together. At last, they succeeded. When the farmer came to catch the birds, he saw the birds flying away with the net.
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