Saturday, 4 April 2015

Naughty Robi

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Robi was a naughty monkey who lived in a forest near the sea.

One day, Robi went to the sea shore. There he saw a fishing rod left behind by someone. 'Catching a fish is very interesting,' Robi thought as he took the fishing rod.

"Monkey, you do not eat fish. Then why should you catch my friends in the sea?" Crooky Crab asked.

"Monkeys do not eat fish. But it is interesting, and such fun to catch fish! Wait here, and I will show you what an expert fisherman I am!" Robi replied proudly.

He cast the fishing line into the water, and waited there for some time. Then, the fishing line began to move. "Wow! I caught a big fish. It's very heavy," Robi said happily. He began to pull in the line. He pulled and pulled. Finally, a shark popped out of the sea.

"You foolish monkey! I will catch you, and eat you up," the shark said, opening his mouth wide.

Frightened Robi quickly ran back into the forest, as Crooky Crab laughed loudly.
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