Friday, 3 April 2015

The Sun And The Wind

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Read the funny conversation between the Sun and the Wind

WIND: I am stronger than you, Sun.
SUN: I don't think so, Wind. I am the strongest one.

Wind: You are wrong. I am the strongest
SUN: Let us have a contest.

WIND: How can we do that?
SUN: Look at the man walking on the road. Let us see who can make him remove his coat?

WIND: I can do that in no time at all.
SUN: Ok. Your chance is first.

The wind blows very hard against the man who is walking on the road. The man feels cold and grabs the coat tightly to his body. The wind huffs and puffs for some time.

WIND: I give up. I cannot make him open his coat. It is your turn now, Sun.

The Sun shines very brightly on the man. He starts feeling very hot. Soon he removes his coat.

SUN: Look! The man has removed his coat. So, who is stronger among us?
WIND: I admit my defeat. You are stronger than me.
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