Saturday, 4 April 2015

The Two Kids

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It was another escapade of Gopi and Gargi into the forest. The two were playing in the courtyard of the ruined castle when they heard strange sounds, as if someone ringing tiny bells in a temple. But there was none in the sort had happened during any of their early visits. Was the castle haunted? Were there any ghosts?

Suddenly, this thought had a vice like grip on their minds. Naturally enough, both were terrified but neither wanted to admit it. Presently the sounds become louder and louder and the duo would have fled had Gargi's sharp eyes not caught a glimpse of a herd of goats grazing behind the thickest nearby. 'So, those are ghosts!' said Gargi and the both burst into laughter. They rushed to the spot to have a closer look and found that there were thirteen goats in all and each had a tiny brass bell dangling from its neck. Four goats were black and the rest were brown.
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