Thursday, 9 April 2015

Think before you speak

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Once upon a time in a forest, a hare called Pinky was resting under a banyan tree. He thought to himself, "What would happen if the earth started to break up?" Suddenly, there was a loud creaking sound. He jumped up and said, "The earth is really breaking up".

He ran through the forest and met another hare, Rosie. Rosie asked Pinky, "Where are you going in such a hurry?" The earth is splitting into pieces. You better start running too". Pinky replied. Soon, the other hares joined them in running.

Seeing so many hares running through the forest, the other animals got frightened. The news of the earth splitting into pieces spread like wild fire and soon all the animals got to know about it. It wasn't too long before all the animals joined the hares in running wildly. All creatures, whether reptiles or birds,insects or four-footed animals, everyone was trying to escape and their cries of fear filled the air.

The king of forest, Zara the lion, was standing on the top of a hill. He saw the animals running. "What is the matter?" He thought himself. He ran down the hill and positioned himself in front of the crowd. He shouted, "Stop! Stop!" The animals stopped as the lion was their king. A parrot yelled, "The earth is breaking into pieces". Zara asked, "Who told you so?" The parrot replied, "The monkey told me so".

Zara asked the monkey about it. They replied that they heard it from the tigers. The tigers in turn said that the elephants had told them. The elephant cited buffaloes as their source. At last, the hares were rounded up and they all pointed to pinky.

Zara asked Pinky, "What made you think that the earth is breaking into pieces?" The small hare replied fearfully," Your Majesty, I heard the cracking sound with my own ears". Zara investigated the matter and explored the sound that Pinky had heard. Ultimately, he came to know that the sound had been lying down.

Zara told all the animals, "Go back to your homes. The earth is absolutely safe. Next time you hear a rumour, check before you run". He told Pinky, "Look at the panic that wrong information can create. Next time, think before you speak".

The animals felt foolish and at the same time relieved as the earth was safe. They went back to their homes.
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