Wednesday, 8 April 2015

His First Flight

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Once a young seagull was standing alone on a rock in the sea, he was afraid of flying. His parents taught his sister and two brothers how to fly and dive for fish into the sea. They strove their level best to teach the young seagull to fly but in vain.

One day his parents thought a plan to teach him flying. All the members of his family flew away to another rock and left him alone. They did not give him anything to eat. Twenty-four hours passed. The young seagull walked to the edge of the rock. He stood there on one leg and closed his eyes. Now he was very hungry. He saw his mother tearing a piece of fish. He begged his mother to give him food.

The mother of the seagull knew that it was the time to hit upon the nail. She decided to exploit the hunger of the young seagull for his betterment. She took a piece of fish in her beak and came flying over him. When she reached over him, she become motionless in the air. She did not get down on the rock. She wanted to give the young seagull an incentive to fly.

The young seagull bent forward and jumped at the fish. But his mother flew upward. So he lost his balance and flew down from the rock into the space. He becomes much frightened. But to save his life he began to flap his wings. As soon as he flapped his wings, he started to fly. In this way, he learnt how to fly.
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