Friday, 27 March 2015

Time For School

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Ravi and Reena are very excited.School begins tomorrow. They have new bags,water bottles,new uniforms,new books and even new shoes! They say their prayers and go to bed early. When mother calls them in the morning they get up at once from the bed. They get ready quickly and wait for the school bus. They meet other children at the bus stop. They board the school bus and chatter all the way. Soon they reach their school.

The school looks beautiful. The building is painted in bright colours. Ravi and Reena rush to their new classroom. They meet their old friends and even meet a new ones. They have new teachers too who teach and play with them! They have a wonderful day in school.

Soon it is time to go home. Ravi and Reena tell their mother about all that happened in school. They are waiting to go to school again tommorrow.
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