Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Beautiful Hands

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There were three friends: Laura,candy and jennifer.Laura and candy were proud of their beauty.One day, at the park they started talking about their beauty.Soon, it became an argument.They were arguing about whose hands were more beautiful.Jennifer was quiet.She was not proud  as she thought that she was very ordinary to look at.

When the argument about beautiful hands went on, Jennifer hide her hands which had become rough from hard work at the farm.

Her father had a farm and she used to help him everyday.

An old lady was sitting on a bench near to them.She overhead their argument.When the three friends got up to go from the park, the old lady got up too.She had a very heavy basket with her.Laura and candy did not pay any attention to her.Jennifer picked up the heavy basket and helped the old lady to cross the road in front of the park.The other two girls walked behind.

The old lady stopped after crossing the road.She said," Do you know whose hands are most beautiful ? ".The girls were impatient to know."This girl who helped me to carry my basket has the most beautiful hands".

  Are yout hands beautiful? Remember, only those hands that do kind deeds are beautiful.
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Saturday, 28 March 2015

The Son

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While a man was polishing his new car, his four year old son picked a stone and scratched the line on the side of the car. In a fet of anger, the man took the child's hand and hit it in many times, not realizing he was using wrench.

At the hospital, the child lost all his finger due to mulitiple fractures. When the child saw his father with painful eyes he asked "Dad when will my finger gro back"? Man was so hurt and speechless.

He went back to the car and kiched it many times. Devarted by his own actions,litting in front of the car,he looked at the scratcher,his son had made. The child had written 'LOVE YOU DAD' anger and love has no limits.

"Things are to be wed and people are to be loved,but the problem in todays world is that. People are used and things are loved....."
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Once upon a time there was a rabbit named Tinu. He was alone and he had no friends. He had no house to live in also. He sleeps in the shade of a tree and suffers the cold windy nights.

One day when he was walking through the forest, he heared a cry from the other side of the forest. He understood that the cry was coming from a pit. He ran looked into the pit.He saw an other rabbit named Minu. Minu said, "Help me to get out of this pit,Please". The kind hearted Tinu looked everywhere to help the Minu and at last he saw a rope. He threw the rope to the pit and the Minu came out of the pit.

Minu said thanks to Tinu for helping him.Minu introduced himself to Tinu.Then minu asked, "what is your name ? And where do you leave ?" Tinu told that, "My name is Tinu, I don't have a house to live in,can you be my friend Minu ? Minu said happily, "Yes I will be your friend.I will give you food to eat and I will give you a house to live".

That day onwards Tinu and Minu become good friends and they both lived happily.
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Friday, 27 March 2015

Time For School

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Ravi and Reena are very excited.School begins tomorrow. They have new bags,water bottles,new uniforms,new books and even new shoes! They say their prayers and go to bed early. When mother calls them in the morning they get up at once from the bed. They get ready quickly and wait for the school bus. They meet other children at the bus stop. They board the school bus and chatter all the way. Soon they reach their school.

The school looks beautiful. The building is painted in bright colours. Ravi and Reena rush to their new classroom. They meet their old friends and even meet a new ones. They have new teachers too who teach and play with them! They have a wonderful day in school.

Soon it is time to go home. Ravi and Reena tell their mother about all that happened in school. They are waiting to go to school again tommorrow.
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Little Things

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Little drops of water,
Little grains of sand,
Make the mighty ocean.
And the beauteous land.

And the little moments,
Humble though they be,
Make the mighty ages
Of eternity.

So our little errors
Lead the soul away,
From the paths of virtue
Into sin to stray.

Little deads of kindness,
Little words of love,
Make our earth an Eden,
Like the heaven above.

(A poem by Julia A. Carney)
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The Two Goats

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There was a bridge across a river. Namu, the goat, wanted to cross it. He walked up to the middle of the bridge and met another goat Tapu, coming grom the other side.

Namu : Move and let me pass.
Tapu : No, I want to cross the bridge first

Namu : I came here before you.
Tapu : I reached at the same time.

Namu : Move or I will push you with my horns.
Tapu : My horns are big and sharp. I can push you too.

Namu: We will see that.Let us fight and decide who is stronger.

The two goats start fighting with each other. They almost fall down from the bridge.

Tapu : We will die if we fall from down the bridge.
Namu : But we cannot cross together. The bridge is very narrow.

Tapu : I have an idea. Let me lie down and you can jump over me.
Namu : That is a great idea.

Tapu lies down on the bridge and Namu jumps over him and goes to the other side. Tapu gets up and crosses over too
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Thursday, 26 March 2015

The Four Seasons

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The seasons change
Four times a year
From spring to winter
They appear

Spring is wet
The flower grow
The sun appears
And melts the snow.

Summer is hot
It's full of sun
There is no school
It's lot of fun.

Autumn is cool
The leaves fall down
It rains a lot
All over the town.

Winter is cold
The snowflakes fall
We skate and ski
And make snowballs.

The season change
From sun to snow
And that is all
You need to know!

 A poem by Julia A.carney
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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Gumbly,The Bear

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One day a bear came running up and saw the pot, He stopped and asked,"Yoo-hoo ! Any one inside? ".

 "Here we are.Buzz-Fuzz,the fly,Crunch-Munch,the mouse,Hop-Stop,the frog,Fleet-Feet,the rabbit,Fluffy-Huffy,the fox and Howly-Prowly, the wolf.And who arr you?".

 I'm Gumbly-Grumbly, the bear.

 You know me ! If I hold you fast,you will breathe your last.

"Ha..Ha...Ha.." The friends inside the little clay hut laughed.

 "Why are you laughing ? I'll smash your hut ", the bear said and he sat on the pot.But the pot did not break.

 "Hmm... I'll destroy  your hut".

 Then the bear tried to kick off the pot.Nothing happened.Only his legs tingled with pain.
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Monday, 23 March 2015

The arrow

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"I shot an arrow into the air,
 It fell to earth, I knew not where;
 For,so swiftly it flew, the sight
 Could not follow it in its flight.

 I breathed a song into the air,
 It fell to earth, I knew not where;
 For who has sight so keen and strong,
 That it can follow the flight of song ?

 Long, Long afterward, in an oak
 I found the arrow, still unbroke;
 And the song, from beginning to end,
 I found again in the heart of a friend".
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The Baseball

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Sam lived on a farm and had a job to do.He had to wake up early every day to feed the chickens and get their eggs.One morning Sam went outside to do his job.He reached down and got three eggs from the first chicken.He reached down and got two eggs from the second chicken.He reached down and felt a huge egg under the third chicken.He could not believe it.The egg felt strange.It was much bigger and heavier than the others.He looked at with suprise.Sam smiled and said,"So that's where my baseball went".
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Laugh at it

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"When you hear the merry rain
  Patter at the window-pane,
 Think 'twill soon be fine again;
 So laugh at it !

 If you chance to tumble down,
Though you bump your little crown,
Never cry or pout or frown,
Just laugh at it !

 When the sum is hard to do,
 Rub it out and try a new;
 When you get the answer true
 You'll laugh at it !
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Kitty's Bedtime Prayer

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"Now I lay down to sleep,
 I pray this cushy life to keep.
 I pray for toys that look like mice,
 And sofa cushions,soft and nice.

 For grocery bags where I can hide,
 Just like a tiger,crouched inside !
 I pray for gourmet nice to scratch my back.

 For window sills all warm and bright,
 For shadows to explore at night.
 I pray I'll always stay real cool,
 And keep the secret feline rule.

 To never tell a human that...
 The world is really ruled by cats!
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Bozo,The Clown

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"Wearing a simple colourful gown
 On my face never a frown
 I am just the best in town
 The one and only-Bozo,the clown!

 I make you all laugh everyday
 With my acts and what I say
 I cheer you up when you are down
 I am your frien -Bozo the clown!

 Oh! I am so round and fat,
 Many times I lose my hat.
 I am now the talk of the town
 Simply the best-Bozo, the clown ! "
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A Picnic Song

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" On a picnic we will go
  Moby,Lucy,Jack and Joe
  Bouncing with our hampers
  Full of food and crackers
  On a picnic we will go

  We will sing and play
  We will dance all day
  By the river we will sit
  Goodies we will eat
  On a picnic we will go".
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Sunday, 22 March 2015

The Strange Star

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Rosie loved watching the night sky.It shone with so many stars.Sometimes, she would climb on to Papa's shoulders.She'd feel like a princess,sitting close to those stars.

  One afternoon, Papa said,"We're going to the beach! Won't that be fun?" Rosie wasn't sure."Will my stars there,too?". "May be",Papa said.

 So they went to the beach.But it was foggy that night and there were no stars in sight.

  "Let's see what happens tommorrow",Papa said.

   "Okay..." Rosie frowned.

  The next morning they went back to the beach and Rosie gathered seashells.

  Rosie found something strange.It looked like a big,orange,bumpy star.Had it fallen from the sky? And why wasn't it glowing?.

  "It's not a star".Papa smiled."It's a starfish.It lives in the ocean".

 Rosie put the star fish in the ocean.They watched the waves wash it back home.Then Rosie looked for more starfish.She liked stars and starfish.

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SuperHero's Sister

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Joy put on his mask.He flapped his cap in front of the mirror

 This is the best costume, he thought.I'm sure to win the contest.Joy skipped downstairs.

  "Here I come to rescue you !" Joy shouted.
   "Nice costume," said Joy's dad.

  "I'm a superhero", said Joy

  "Joy", said Mom, "I need to watch Mary at the party".

  Joy looked at his little sister."But Mom, superheroes don't have a kid sisters".

  "Well this superhero has a sister", said Mom.

  "What will Mary's costume to be ?" asked Dad.

  "I'm not sure," said Mom.

  Joy got an idea. "I know !"

  Joy took Mary upstairs to his room.He dug through his closets.

  Joy found his baby blanket.He put it around Mary's shoulders.

 At the party, Superhero Joy and Supergirl Mary won the prize!
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The Spide Web

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Candy raced her brother Jack down the sidewalk."I'm going to win ! " Candy laughed, peeking back at him.

  Then candy ran right into a spider web.She jumped around, screaming."Is it on me ? Get it off me ! Get the spider off me ! "

  Candy slapped her hair.She pulled off the sticky web."Where's the spider ? " Candy cried.

  Candy swiped at her face and arms."I think is crawling all over me.It must be huge ! Do you see it ? ".She asked jack."Do you see the spider ? ".

  Jack smiled.He pointed to the sidewalk."There's your spider", he said.

  They watched a baby spider hurry away

  "And guess what".Jack laughed.He dashed past the finish line.

 "I won !".
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The Two Boxes

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There were two boxes.There were some biscuits in one box and the other was empty

 A monkey named Lanky came that way.He looked at the boxes.First, he looked into the empty box."There is nothing", he said.Then he looked into the other box."Good ! There is something here", he said laughing.

  He put his hand into the box and took out some biscuits and turned to go.

  A big tiger was watching him fom the woods."Give me the biscuits", said the tiger.

  "I will give you nothing".Lanky, the monkey said.

  "I will catch you", said the tiger running after the monkey.

  The clever Lanky put everything in his mouth and climbed the tree.

  The tiger got nothing .Ha ! Ha !
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Saturday, 21 March 2015

The Earlier Times

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Let us meet some families.This is Jack's family.Jack's grand parents also live with them.They live in washington.One day, Jack asked his grandparents what mode of travel did they have in their times.

  The grandfather told Jack that there were no automobilea at that time.They had to go from one place to another by horse carts.His grandfather also shared about his younger days when he travelled on horses which ran at the speed of nearly 40 kms per hour.

  Jim's Family lived in california.His grandfather told him that there were no roads at that time.They travelled by foot.To cover a little longer distances, they used ponies and horses for travelling.It was very tough time
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Invention Of Wheel

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Before the wheel was made, people walked to reach places.They had to carry their things on their shoulders.Sometimes they  used animals to carry things.Later on, they made sledges which were pulled both by man and animals.They also made rafts that moved on water.

  While moving in the jungles, early humans noticed that round objects such as logs of wood rolled down slopes easily.So they fixed logs under their sledges, and found it was a little easier to carry them.

  Then they tied the slices of wood to the sledge.Now the task of pulling things was easier for them.These slices of wood were the first wheels made by man
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The Sunday

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It was a rainy day.Jack woke up early in the morning.He hated to go to school on a rainy day.He brushed his teeth and had a bath.The clock was ticking away.He wore his uniform and picked up his school bag.He ran down the stairs.It was very quiet.He went to his parent's room.They were still sleeping.His mom woke up and asked him, "Where are you going, Jack ? Today is Sunday".
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The First Plane

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Orville and Wilbur Wright were the first men to fly in the year 1930.

  The Wright brothers spent a lot of time watching birds in flight.Using the method of flying used by birds they tried to build their first aircraft.

  They made many gliders and tried to fly them with and without pilots.Some flights were successful but some failed.Then at Kitty Hawk in North Carolina they flew their first aircraft.

  Today planes are very common.They are the fastest mode of transport.They are very useful for travelling long distance.Planes can fly over mountains and seas.They do not require tracks or roads
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Afraid Of Dark

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The night was very dark.Jack was very frightened.He was afraid of ghosts.Whenever he was alone in the dark, he thought that a ghost would leap out from a dark corner.But Jack had to go from one room to another.

   As he stepped out of his room, his heart began to beat very fast.He screamed loudly out of fear."Jack what is the matter ? " asked their maid servant, Jessy.

   " I am so frightened," Jack said.

   "Frightened, child ! What are you frightened of ? " asked jessy

  "Can't you see how dark it is ? I am afraid of ghosts.I thought that you are a ghost ! " Jack answered.

   Jessy patted his head with affection.

  "Listen to me" she said ."Whenever it's dark and you feel frightened , think of God.Repeat God's name and you will feel comfortable".

  Jack got courage from Jessy's words.He said God's name aloud many times and left the room.He never felt lonely or afraid again.He believed that as long as God was with him he was safe.

  This faith in God gave him strength throughout his life
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Blackie Got A Bone

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One day,Blackie,the dog got a bone.He was very happy.He wanted to hide his bone on the other side of a stream.There was only a wooden bridge across the stream.Blackie took the bone in his mouth and walked over the bridge.

   Blackie looked down from the middle of the bridge.He saw a dog exactly like him in the water.It also had a bone in his mouth.Blackie looked at the dog in the water and the dog looked back.Blackie growled and the dog in the water too growled.Blackie got angry.He barked aloud.The bone fell down when he opened his mouth."Blum", it fell into the water making waves.The dog in the water disappeared in the waves.Blackie went to the other side."What a foolish dog I am ! " he said to himself.
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Friday, 20 March 2015

Mary And The Castle

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 Mary lived deep in the forest.In the forest there were enchanted fairies,ancient trees with arms, and talking woodland animals.Everything was magical in the forest, and mary was always happy there.Mary's family lived in a tree house, high in the air, in this magical forest.The enchanted creatures of the forest all became friends with mary.

       One day mary went on a walk with her family, and they came across a huge, stone castle.The castle was sourrounded by trees higher than any she had ever seen! Her mother walked to the castle gates and knocked softly.When she did, the gates opened and revealed a beautiful rose garden.On the other side of the rose garden, she could see the beautifully painted windows and giant wooden doors of the castle.Her mother and father led the way to the castle doors, carefully avoiding the overgrown rose bushes.When they reached the door, it opened to reveal a royal corridor.A beautiful queen appeared from a nearby room, and greeted them with a bow.After talking about the forest and how they got to the castle, the queen invited them to stay for dinner.

      A magnificent feat was prepared, and mary was most thrilled with the selection of desserts and cakes.After the royal feast, mary and her family bade farewell and began the journey home.Mary awoke in her bed and next day, wondering if it was all a dream
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