Friday, 3 April 2015

Birbal, The Wise

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Birbal was a very wise man.He was in the court of the great ruler, Akbar. He was know for his wisdom. People came from near and far off places to seek his advise. There are many stories about Birbal's wisdom.

Once two brothers,Raju and Ravi came to him. They both claimed to own the same mango tree and asked Birbal to settle down the quarell between them.

Birbal thought for a while. Then he said, "Pluck all the fruits from the tree and divide them equally between the two of you".

"What about the tree, sir?" asked Raju.

"Cut the tree down and divide the wood that you get from it", replied Birbal.

Raju thought it was a very fair judgement.He said, "Sir,you are very wise. We will follow your advice".

Ravi was shocked at Birbal's words. "How can you ask us to cut that beautiful tree ? " he said. "I have looked after that mango tree for seven years".

"Then how do we solve the problem ? " asked Birbal.

"It is better to give the tree to Raju than to cut it down" Ravi said.

Birbal smiled. "Only the owner of the tree will show such love.Ravi is the true owner of the mango tree. Raju will not get even a mango from that tree".
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