Saturday, 21 March 2015

Afraid Of Dark

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The night was very dark.Jack was very frightened.He was afraid of ghosts.Whenever he was alone in the dark, he thought that a ghost would leap out from a dark corner.But Jack had to go from one room to another.

   As he stepped out of his room, his heart began to beat very fast.He screamed loudly out of fear."Jack what is the matter ? " asked their maid servant, Jessy.

   " I am so frightened," Jack said.

   "Frightened, child ! What are you frightened of ? " asked jessy

  "Can't you see how dark it is ? I am afraid of ghosts.I thought that you are a ghost ! " Jack answered.

   Jessy patted his head with affection.

  "Listen to me" she said ."Whenever it's dark and you feel frightened , think of God.Repeat God's name and you will feel comfortable".

  Jack got courage from Jessy's words.He said God's name aloud many times and left the room.He never felt lonely or afraid again.He believed that as long as God was with him he was safe.

  This faith in God gave him strength throughout his life
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