Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Beautiful Hands

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There were three friends: Laura,candy and jennifer.Laura and candy were proud of their beauty.One day, at the park they started talking about their beauty.Soon, it became an argument.They were arguing about whose hands were more beautiful.Jennifer was quiet.She was not proud  as she thought that she was very ordinary to look at.

When the argument about beautiful hands went on, Jennifer hide her hands which had become rough from hard work at the farm.

Her father had a farm and she used to help him everyday.

An old lady was sitting on a bench near to them.She overhead their argument.When the three friends got up to go from the park, the old lady got up too.She had a very heavy basket with her.Laura and candy did not pay any attention to her.Jennifer picked up the heavy basket and helped the old lady to cross the road in front of the park.The other two girls walked behind.

The old lady stopped after crossing the road.She said," Do you know whose hands are most beautiful ? ".The girls were impatient to know."This girl who helped me to carry my basket has the most beautiful hands".

  Are yout hands beautiful? Remember, only those hands that do kind deeds are beautiful.
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