Sunday, 22 March 2015

The Strange Star

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Rosie loved watching the night sky.It shone with so many stars.Sometimes, she would climb on to Papa's shoulders.She'd feel like a princess,sitting close to those stars.

  One afternoon, Papa said,"We're going to the beach! Won't that be fun?" Rosie wasn't sure."Will my stars there,too?". "May be",Papa said.

 So they went to the beach.But it was foggy that night and there were no stars in sight.

  "Let's see what happens tommorrow",Papa said.

   "Okay..." Rosie frowned.

  The next morning they went back to the beach and Rosie gathered seashells.

  Rosie found something strange.It looked like a big,orange,bumpy star.Had it fallen from the sky? And why wasn't it glowing?.

  "It's not a star".Papa smiled."It's a starfish.It lives in the ocean".

 Rosie put the star fish in the ocean.They watched the waves wash it back home.Then Rosie looked for more starfish.She liked stars and starfish.

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