Sunday, 22 March 2015

SuperHero's Sister

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Joy put on his mask.He flapped his cap in front of the mirror

 This is the best costume, he thought.I'm sure to win the contest.Joy skipped downstairs.

  "Here I come to rescue you !" Joy shouted.
   "Nice costume," said Joy's dad.

  "I'm a superhero", said Joy

  "Joy", said Mom, "I need to watch Mary at the party".

  Joy looked at his little sister."But Mom, superheroes don't have a kid sisters".

  "Well this superhero has a sister", said Mom.

  "What will Mary's costume to be ?" asked Dad.

  "I'm not sure," said Mom.

  Joy got an idea. "I know !"

  Joy took Mary upstairs to his room.He dug through his closets.

  Joy found his baby blanket.He put it around Mary's shoulders.

 At the party, Superhero Joy and Supergirl Mary won the prize!
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