Friday, 20 March 2015

Mary And The Castle

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 Mary lived deep in the forest.In the forest there were enchanted fairies,ancient trees with arms, and talking woodland animals.Everything was magical in the forest, and mary was always happy there.Mary's family lived in a tree house, high in the air, in this magical forest.The enchanted creatures of the forest all became friends with mary.

       One day mary went on a walk with her family, and they came across a huge, stone castle.The castle was sourrounded by trees higher than any she had ever seen! Her mother walked to the castle gates and knocked softly.When she did, the gates opened and revealed a beautiful rose garden.On the other side of the rose garden, she could see the beautifully painted windows and giant wooden doors of the castle.Her mother and father led the way to the castle doors, carefully avoiding the overgrown rose bushes.When they reached the door, it opened to reveal a royal corridor.A beautiful queen appeared from a nearby room, and greeted them with a bow.After talking about the forest and how they got to the castle, the queen invited them to stay for dinner.

      A magnificent feat was prepared, and mary was most thrilled with the selection of desserts and cakes.After the royal feast, mary and her family bade farewell and began the journey home.Mary awoke in her bed and next day, wondering if it was all a dream
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