Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Gumbly,The Bear

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One day a bear came running up and saw the pot, He stopped and asked,"Yoo-hoo ! Any one inside? ".

 "Here we are.Buzz-Fuzz,the fly,Crunch-Munch,the mouse,Hop-Stop,the frog,Fleet-Feet,the rabbit,Fluffy-Huffy,the fox and Howly-Prowly, the wolf.And who arr you?".

 I'm Gumbly-Grumbly, the bear.

 You know me ! If I hold you fast,you will breathe your last.

"Ha..Ha...Ha.." The friends inside the little clay hut laughed.

 "Why are you laughing ? I'll smash your hut ", the bear said and he sat on the pot.But the pot did not break.

 "Hmm... I'll destroy  your hut".

 Then the bear tried to kick off the pot.Nothing happened.Only his legs tingled with pain.
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