Friday, 27 March 2015

The Two Goats

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There was a bridge across a river. Namu, the goat, wanted to cross it. He walked up to the middle of the bridge and met another goat Tapu, coming grom the other side.

Namu : Move and let me pass.
Tapu : No, I want to cross the bridge first

Namu : I came here before you.
Tapu : I reached at the same time.

Namu : Move or I will push you with my horns.
Tapu : My horns are big and sharp. I can push you too.

Namu: We will see that.Let us fight and decide who is stronger.

The two goats start fighting with each other. They almost fall down from the bridge.

Tapu : We will die if we fall from down the bridge.
Namu : But we cannot cross together. The bridge is very narrow.

Tapu : I have an idea. Let me lie down and you can jump over me.
Namu : That is a great idea.

Tapu lies down on the bridge and Namu jumps over him and goes to the other side. Tapu gets up and crosses over too
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