Sunday, 22 March 2015

The Spide Web

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Candy raced her brother Jack down the sidewalk."I'm going to win ! " Candy laughed, peeking back at him.

  Then candy ran right into a spider web.She jumped around, screaming."Is it on me ? Get it off me ! Get the spider off me ! "

  Candy slapped her hair.She pulled off the sticky web."Where's the spider ? " Candy cried.

  Candy swiped at her face and arms."I think is crawling all over me.It must be huge ! Do you see it ? ".She asked jack."Do you see the spider ? ".

  Jack smiled.He pointed to the sidewalk."There's your spider", he said.

  They watched a baby spider hurry away

  "And guess what".Jack laughed.He dashed past the finish line.

 "I won !".
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